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Whether you live aboard, enjoy your boat for leisure or work, your boat becomes an enternal circle of labor and you will always have to maintain it. You've noticed those dirt trails, and water droplets forming around bolt heads or even an actual annoying drip, but now it's time to fix that leak the CORRECT way. Done right, it's one of the easiest, most satifying and most important jobs aboard, one that will not only keep your boat dry down below, but also prevent major structural damage. Done wrong and it can destroy your deck coring and end up costing a great deal of money and time to fix.

GADGETS! Who doesn't like them? And since you're not spending money on boat ramps, fuel, or supplies at the moment, like you would when the weather was more favorable, then why not gear up your boat instead.  We've searched a few sites to find, what we thought, would benefit you and your boat most. 

Let's face it, the colder weather comes and it feels like the winter blues hit hard when you have to tuck your baby in for the season. What's a person to do without their boat? One could try and brace the cold (brrrrr!) but that might not be as enjoyable, unless your a cold lover. All is not lost though, as there are some things that boaters can do in the wintertime to still enjoy boats. We've come up with a few ideas/tips to feed your love of boating during the off-season.




The boating season has wound down, and although there have been a few warm days here and there, it's time to start thinking about protecting your precious valuable recreational asset, a.k.a. YOUR BOAT! How much, or how little, time, effort, and money you put into it now, will effect your boats performance come time to put her back in the water. And as a side note, if you think that the insurance might pick up for where you slack, that's not always a guarantee, due to damage done by lack of maintenance and neglect.

Although we live in an increasingly connected world with Wi-Fi and cellular data always around us, that is mostly on land. The way Wi-Fi and cellular data is set-up is via land towers that distribute signals over an area which then communicate with devices that can respond to them. The responses come in things such as texts, calls, and internet browsing. The problem is that land based towers do not exist at sea, obviously.

We all hope that we never get into this situation. Nothing can be as scary to a boater as a fire breaking out while you’re out at sea, especially if you are far from shore. Even more scary are the number of ways fires can break out – electrical problems, a chemical spill, hitting another boat. All are issues which must be considered and addressed should they arise. Read more to find out how to stop (and hopefully prevent) fire’s on your boat.

We all know that center console’s are not known for their storage capabilities. Designed for fishing and fast times with the family, you can quickly run out of space when going out to fish.

How to Maximize Storage Space on Your Center Console BoatSo, we’ve thought up of some solutions that’ll be particularly useful in situations such as Virginia Beach where boating can happen year round if the temperatures are right.

The tools we are accustomed to using separately, a plotter, fish-finder, weather forecaster are seemingly all coming together into one tool. Moreover, it seems like every tech company in the world is trying to get into the GPS market. So, what is the best tool for you to use on your center console, especially when you want to get the best haul possible every time you go out?

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. – Beethoven

Who doesn’t love music? Cruising the Virginian coast, fishing in the Chesapeake Bay or deep in the Atlantic, having music on your boat makes your day on the water much more enjoyable. But, how do you get music on board? Especially considering the harsh marine environment, this can be a difficult proposition if you want to do it right.

So, winter is officially here. It’s not just cold outside, but with wind chill from the water, you find yourself experiencing a special kind of cold. You want to be on your boat but unfortunately, cannot simply move south with your boat and camp down there until summer. So, what can you do? We thought about it and came up with these ideas! Read below to find out how you can heat your boat in the winter!

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