We all know that center console’s are not known for their storage capabilities. Designed for fishing and fast times with the family, you can quickly run out of space when going out to fish.

How to Maximize Storage Space on Your Center Console BoatSo, we’ve thought up of some solutions that’ll be particularly useful in situations such as Virginia Beach where boating can happen year round if the temperatures are right.

1. Use a secured tackle box

  a. These are particularly useful in situations where things can get a little choppy. We all know the last thing you want is to lose your supplies overboard!

2. Use a secured drawer box

  a. Great for multipurpose tools or supplies, you can bolt these down into your boat and use them to store a wide variety of objects.

3. Rod boxes

  a. Great for storing your prized fishing equipment! They typically come with latches to ensure that your rods don’t come out. These can be installed horizontally or vertically.

4. Boat globe box

  a. Essentially the same as a car glove box, you can throw your wallet, car keys, and anything else you don’t want to lose in here (or get wet) while you’re having a good time!

5. Tilt-out boxes

  a. Typically installed on a wall, these are great if you want to have storage, but keep the space it takes up down. These can be customized to have tackle boxes fitted to go inside, that way you can kill two-birds with one stone! Or they can be used as a trashcan that can be emptied easily after every trip.

There are tons of other options available as well. If you have any questions, you can call one of the only Certified Yacht Broker in Virginia Beach for all of your needs at (757) 313-8787!

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