We all understand the problem. We want to take our smartphones out on the boat so we can take pictures and videos of the kids fishing, get some awesome shots wakeboarding, or simply document that one time we went somewhere special. But, we all struggle with that pesky water! That’s why the team here at Marine Concepts put together our Top 10 Favorite Phone Cases for Yachting.

  1. Lifeproof FRE (iPhone & Galaxy S5/6) – $79.99
    • Waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and dropproof, these cases are built to last. And, if the case becomes unusable due to, you know, life happening, Lifeproof will send you a brand new case and adapter cable for free! You only have to cover shipping and handling.
  2. Lifeproof NÜÜD (iPhone & Galaxy S5/6) – $89.99
    • Pretty much the same as the Lifeproof FRE, but comes with a clear back so you can still enjoy the color of your phone! Each Lifeproof case also comes with a 1/8″ adapter for your audio output, a nice addition since many other brands do not offer this feature.
  3. Catalyst (iPhone) – $69.99
    • With cases supporting iPhone models all the way back to iPhone 4, these cases are shock resistant, waterproof, and have a stylish look as well. Featuring a slim design and clear back, this very sleek case comes in $10 – $20 cheaper than the Lifeproof cases.
  4. Aquatik by Lunatik (iPhone) – $89.95
    • Probably the smallest profile of any of the cases here, this is great for the boater who desires a sleek profile as well as an easy to grip surface that doesn’t get caught on anything.
  5. Architeck by Lunatik (Galaxy S5 or S6) – $27.95
    • Although not waterproof, it is highly water resistant and is a good bargain as well.
  6. Hitcase PRO (iPhone) – $99.99
    • Designed for the extreme sports enthusiast, this case is perfect for anyone who plans on dropping their phone while going really, really fast. What’s even more special about this case is that it is adaptable to a variety of external lenses in order to get that special shot wake-boarding or sport fishing.
  7. Optrix by Body Glove (iPhone) – $91.13
    • Waterproof up to 10 Meters, this case is great for any snorkeling or diving enthusiasts. This case is also adaptable to external lenses. Although a bit bulky, it is sure to give you the protection you need when you’re swimming for extended periods of time!
  8. Defender Series by Otterbox (Galaxy S5 or S6) – $49.95
    • Although only water resistant, you can drop this phone from far distances and be pretty confident it will not break!
  9. Supcase (Galaxy S5 or S6) – $24.99
    • The cheapest case on our list, the selling point of this case is that it comes with multiple colored back covers that are interchangeable, which means you can change your style whenever you want!
  10. Wetsuit Impact (Galaxy S6) – $79.95
    • Remarkably slim as well as dirt proof, snow proof, waterproof, and shock proof, this is a must have for any Android owner who likes to go yachting. Additionally, the back is covered in a rubber over-molding, which means more gripping and less dropping!

There you have it! If you plan on yachting, jet-skiing, fishing, or really just going out on a boat any time soon, having a waterproof case to fit your active lifestyle is a must!

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