The boating season has wound down, and although there have been a few warm days here and there, it's time to start thinking about protecting your precious valuable recreational asset, a.k.a. YOUR BOAT! How much, or how little, time, effort, and money you put into it now, will effect your boats performance come time to put her back in the water. And as a side note, if you think that the insurance might pick up for where you slack, that's not always a guarantee, due to damage done by lack of maintenance and neglect.

For the most part, the best place for your boat to be in the winter is out of the water, under some type of cover, and in a climate-controlled boat storage area. It is understandable though, that boat storage can get expensive and costly, so you have the option of shrink-wrapping your boat. This too, might be a little on the pricey side but it does provide a protective cover. If both of these options are out of the budget, make sure that it is covered with a tarp or another form of a sturdy cover. 

Your boat may or may not have an owner's manual to see if there is a checklist in there for you to follow when securing your vessel. It may also have some winterization tips in there that would be best for your boat. First time winterizing? Might be best to employ a professional or seek the help of an experienced boater to make sure the procedure/direction in which you want to go is right for you or done correctly. Provided below is a link for BoatUS - The Boater's Guide to Winterizing.

Winterizing Your Boat The Right Way


DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR BOAT! With the link above, assistance from your owner's manual, and possibly a profession, you should be well on your way to making sure that you boat makes it through the winter without any costly repairs. With it properly stored, come time when the weather turns right, she should be all set to hit the water without damage.

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