Let's face it, the colder weather comes and it feels like the winter blues hit hard when you have to tuck your baby in for the season. What's a person to do without their boat? One could try and brace the cold (brrrrr!) but that might not be as enjoyable, unless your a cold lover. All is not lost though, as there are some things that boaters can do in the wintertime to still enjoy boats. We've come up with a few ideas/tips to feed your love of boating during the off-season.

Get a Magazine Subscription

You may already subscribe to 1 or 2 magazines already, but if you don't, winter is a good time to start. Boating magazines can offer more than you know, as there's plenty of useful information besides just looking at the pictures of the pretty boats. Brush up on your boating news, see what's new in technology, read about others' boating stories and maybe submit your own, and so much more in theses magazines, that it may be enough for the moment to get you through the cold months. Some of the most popular are:





Watch Boat Videos

Use the time you'd spend on the boat checking out some videos of boating. There are thousands upon thousands of boating videos on YouTube that are waiting to be watched! Whether it be for a good chuckle or just a "how to," the possibilities and variety are endless of what you can find.



Browse Boats for Sale

Believe it or not, winter is actually a good time to shop if you're in the market for one, or maybe you like the idea of owning a different boat, a boater can dream, right? You'll have plenty of time to pick out the one you love and acquire insurance before the season starts. 


Attend Boat Shows

It might not be the same thing as boating and actually being out on the water, but a boat show can fill a small void of that craving to be out on the water. Hang out, chat with other boat owners possibly doing the same thing as you, or drool over the new models showcased. You never know what could come out of a boat show......maybe a new boat?



Go on a Boating Vacation

This one might be a little on the pricey side, but you may have been already planning a vacation, so why not go where you can go boating. There's plenty of places with warmer climate during the winter, so search a place that you'd like to go to. We've found a few for examples for boating vacations:




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