GADGETS! Who doesn't like them? And since you're not spending money on boat ramps, fuel, or supplies at the moment, like you would when the weather was more favorable, then why not gear up your boat instead.  We've searched a few sites to find, what we thought, would benefit you and your boat most. 

fenderstep How about a FenderStep? It is dual purpose which means less items to take up hard storage space aboard the boat.  Use it as a fender or when needed, a step to board the boat.

 When used as a step, it is wide enough for a foot to plant on and push against the hull. No worries, as this will not        damage the hull either, due to the qualities of the FenderStep.

 For other ways to use the FenderStep or to see what it's made of and dimensions, check out their website:




 You can't leave your 4-legged friend behind! But maybe it's hard for your dog to get into the boat. Have no fear, doggy ladder is here! This contraption allows for the fur companion in your life to get in and out of the water and aboard the boat so much easier. It attaches to your existing boat ladder and has a slip resistant covering, as well as the ability to float. Paws Aboard

dog ladder3



374700 main

As much as we'd hate to see it happen, but what about leaks in the boat? Hopefully, it's never the boat, but more so in places, such as under the sink, or if you have a washer, in the bathroom, etc.

This cool gadget doesn't require batteries, wires, programming or any buttons to push....Just set it and forget it; until you hear the alarm.

It only requires the smallest amount of water to sound the alarm, which is great when it comes to preventing any extreme damage. The alarm is as loud as a police whistle or power mower and will sound for 24 hours once it's detected water.     Water Leak Alarm - Set of 3




 THIS NEXT GADGET IS WATERPROOF, DUST AND SHOCK PROOF, WITH A FLEXIBLE TAIL!! It speaks for itself with how great and functional this piece of technology really is. That flexible tail makes it convenient as it attaches to anything, as well as having a suction cup mount. Did we mention that it can be submerged IN water? This one is a MUST!  Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker





If you're out on the water and you're fishing, this is the best kitchen tool to use. No matter how many times you use soap and water, the smell of fish can still linger. The Rub Away is as simple as rubbing it on your need for water or soap. Plus, it's small enough to throw in your bag or purse and take it anywhere.  The Rub Away





We would have liked to put more on there, but there's so many gadgets out there that one could possibly use for their boat or boat adventures. These were just a few to spark your imagination to find other gadgets that might be useful.

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