Blogging For You & Your Boat

We all understand the problem. We want to take our smartphones out on the boat so we can take pictures and videos of the kids fishing, get some awesome shots wakeboarding, or simply document that one time we went somewhere special. But, we all struggle with that pesky water! That’s why the team here at Marine Concepts put together our Top 10 Favorite Phone Cases for Yachting.

Why Rising Interest Rates Might Not Be So Bad After All

We’ve all heard about the interest rates increase December 16th. You may be hearing from the media that this will ruin the economy, send us back to the recession, or be the end of the world as we know! Well, we’re here to tell you not to worry so much and that rising rates may actually be a good thing, if not, at least not the end of the world.

Spring is coming soon! That means the boating season is just around the corner, which also means it’s time to prep your boat! This is absolutely essential to ensure that you have a safe and fun season. With so many variables such as size/type of boat, propulsion, etc. it is impossible to give a fully comprehensive list of what each boat needs. So, if needed, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Everyone knows that shopping for Dad is one of the hardest parts of Christmas shopping. You want to get him something he wants, but men aren’t exactly known for their communication. You also don’t want to just get a gag gift that’ll end up collecting dust and taking up space on some shelf for the rest of eternity. That’s why the team here at Marine Concepts decided to have a little fun this week and pick our favorite gifts for Dad!

So winter is finally here and you can feel the chill. But, have you thought about how where to go if it gets too cold? We have and we made this list of our top five getaway destinations this winter.

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