Just because you don’t own a boat, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an opportunity to go aboard one and enjoy the fun and excitement of the water. And if you do own a boat, take advantage of someone else being the Captain while you sit back and bask in the presence of loved ones and/or friends. We charter 365 days a year, weather permitting, with a uniformed Coast Guard – licensed Captain, on a comfortable, climate controlled vessel, featuring full bathrooms, complete kitchen, and plenty of room indoors and out.

There’s no need to come up with a reason to charter, as we can think of a few ideas for you:



Sunset Cruise

Picture this: the sunset in front of you, the warmth of the glow on your face, as the light bounces all around, casting romantic shadows. You’ve got two champagne glasses in front of you as you sit back with your loved one, watching the other boats go by. There might be a slight chill in the air, but all the more reason to snuggle under a blanket. What about food, you ask? No need to fret, as a personal chef is aboard to bring your taste buds ALIVE as they savor in the many foods brought to you by a steward. Now that’s a heck of a way to say “Happy Anniversary” or just a simple “I Love You.”


Today’s the day…you’ve thought it through and made the biggest purchase in jewelry so far in your life. She was told you 2 were going to a romantic dinner date and put a blindfold on her. She can feel the rocking as soon as she steps aboard and knows it’s not a restaurant. The boat starts to move and you can’t resist any longer. The blindfold comes off and you hand her a flute of champagne. She suspicious now, but playing along, unaware that her parents and your parents are hiding, but with a view of the excitement. The sunset is spectacular, with a plethora of oranges and reds, creating the perfect backdrop. You start talking about how happy she’s made you and that you don’t want a moment without her. Knee dropping to the deck of the boat, you pull out a seashell that holds the ring you picked out. She screams, excitement of course, and proceeds to wrap her arms around your neck, slightly crying. A girl waits for a day like this her whole life. To make the night more complete, you’re surprising her with her parents and there’s more shrieking and crying and hugging. “POP!” Another bottle of champagne is opened and glasses clink. Aromas of dinner start to fill the cabin as the personal chef brings out your first course, a mouth watering lobster bisque soup. The night has just begun….

 “Fall Wine &Dine

Summer isn't completely over yet, but now's the time we all start to think about the next season around the corner - FALL. Yes, that's the season the weather turns cooler and there's a crisp breeze in the air and visions of pumpkins, colorful  leaves, and sweater weather dance in our heads. It's this time of the year when the sun sets earlier, right around dinner hour, and maybe you can't help but wonder what a cruise on a vessel during the fall season would be like. A nice glass of wine in one had as you sample savories of delectable cheeses and meats, little tartlets, and maybe some homemade bruscetta. All the flavors of the food paired with the crispness of fall is a pair you can't deprive yourself of.  

BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE…there’s also opportunities for:

*Progressive Dinner/Dine & Dock on the Lynnhaven River

*Show your new clients what Virginia Beach is really about

Or just a

*Personal dinner with a private chef

The choice and events to celebrate are ENDLESS! Give us a call today to book your next boating adventure at 757.313.8787.

***Pricing: $795 – 3 hour cruise


bigger charter pic


Charter cheese platter

Sample Charter Menu

(Pricing may vary for a customized charter)

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