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Abdallah El Kahhal
September 7, 2016
It was hard for me to just think about buying a boat via the Internet, but I took my chances and contacted Marine Concepts, where I found the boat I wanted, Chris gave me all the detailed information I needed to know about my boat, Bill the technical advise, Shana & Kim with the procedure and finance, Jen with the paper work and warranties and shipping. With their persistness and help These guys made feel at home while buying the boat 6000 miles away. I would like to thank all of you at Marine Concepts for the help they gave while purchasing my boat.
Tommy and Beth Thompson
September 7, 2016
Where do we begin? We started the boat shopping process quite a while ago, not being sure what we would end up owning, and we came across the listing at Marine Concepts around Christmas. Since we were going to be in Virginia Beach for New Year’s, we thought that maybe someone would be kind enough to show us the boat we saw for sale. We were very happy when Ryan said they could do it. After 3 hours (remember, it’s New Year’s Eve) with John on our, what we hoped would be our new boat, we felt like we had not only a knowledgeable salesman, but a new friend. For every question we had, John had an answer. It was instant trust with Marine Concepts (it had to be, we allowed ‘Captain’ John to bring our boat down to Marine Concepts to sell). Everything went smooth and easy with the transaction and we must say they have been taking care of our ‘for sale’ boat since it’s been there. Tim, the mechanic, has been wonderful; he came to see us on the way to get groceries, before a NASCAR race, anytime we’ve needed him. One good part of our weekly trips to our new boat (from Baltimore) has been the feeling that we have friends and people who really care about having us as customers- satisfied customers. We would recommend Marine Concepts to anyone who wants to deal with a class operation of wonderful people- our motto is if it’s meant to be, it will be easy! That was easy!!
George and Ann Tudder
September 7, 2016
They say the best time with your boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Through Marine Concepts, we not only bought our current boat, but sold our previous boat all closing the same weekend. Indeed those were very good days. Not only is the entire team at Marine Concepts professional and knowledgeable, but they take a personal interest in making the experience enjoyable and frustration free. A true testimonial is when you are confident enough to recommend someone to your friends and especially relatives; we have and continue to do so.
Mitja at Ronimex Inc.
September 7, 2016
Thank you for the nice letter, but on another side I have to say to you that I am buying boats from dealers on all of the east coast from Mass. To Fl, but you are for me rated as one of the best ones… very nice, professional, responsible…it was worry less business with you and thank you so much for everything!! Thank you for the 300 dollars, that was nice of you. I called my customer and informed him about this and I told him no other dealer would do that after the deal is done, but you did, I am happy and feeling good. I had a very good feeling about your business, from my supplier in Baltimore; I also heard nice words about your place, so everything was perfect.
B. Malloy
September 7, 2016
Tim did a good job. The boat handles better and that relieves my mind. I’m glad to have reliable folks looking after Sugar BeBe.
Bobby Powell
September 7, 2016
I really appreciate all that you have done for us in regards to getting our boat repaired with very, very minimal downtime. Even though we purchased this boat from a dealer out of town, and came to you for warranty repairs, I feel that you provided us the level of service as if we purchased the boat from Marine Concepts. I can’t imagine the level of service that your TRUE customers receive. With that said, it’ll be several years before were ready to upgrade into a larger boat. While it may not be a new boat, but Marine Concepts will be the first place I go to help sell our current boat and purchase our next. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience in getting our warranty work done.
The Coffey’s
September 7, 2016
Thank you for fixing the remaining issues with the boat. I am sorry that Ryan had to trek all the way up to Charles City. Your effort to correct this situation speaks volumes about your character. You guys are building a business that is focused on developing relationships and not just focused on transactions. I believe that’s the only way to build a successful long term business. Thanks again.
Rom & Mary Alice
September 7, 2016
Thanks for your help on selling the Rinker. You did a good job and treated us more than fairly, such that I would recommend you to everyone, I can’t say that I would give our recommendation to most other dealers. I will let you know when we will be coming to Va. Beach and hope you are doing well.
Ken Emmett
September 7, 2016
I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into getting my Robalo 265 up and running. The consequences of the Yamaha engine recall proved to be considerable more than expected, yet your company stood by me through the entire process. I especially appreciate the fact that you were willing to travel to my marina rather than have me travel to yours for the final fix. Hats off to Tim for suffering through the 100 degree weather and Ryan and Shana for suffering through the inevitable economic consequences. The new gauges work perfectly, although I am disappointed that the boat burns fuel when it is running. I had assumed that when the fuel flow gauges were reading zero at 4500 rpm, it was actually using no fuel. Now that Tim got the gauges to read correctly, I see that it burns a considerable amount of marine gasoline. Keep this kind of support up and you can’t help but be the biggest in the Tidewater area. You are already the best! Let me know when you need a fishing boat to borrow…it’s yours!
Roger Gallup
September 7, 2016
I would like to thank you for all the help you and your staff gave me in purchasing my boat. At all times I felt like I was being treated as a family member instead of the everyday customer. What was amazing, this boat was sold to me by an individual, so there was no commission involved. However you and your staff worked hard to help me close the deal, get financing, insurance and document the boat. What a team you have! I will continue to tell my friends about my wonderful experience with Marine Concepts and how I enjoyed working with you and your team. I look forward to doing business with Marine Concepts again. If there is anything I can do for you, please call me.
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